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Life planning, experiences and expectations, came to a halt, when the results of what I thought would never be possible, became evident and positive. After several tests and, to my dismay, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition of Varicocele vein which affects only 15 in 100 men. I was told, the worst and most unbearable news, was the “fact” that this will steal my chance of becoming a parent and father.

I placed the matter to a test, which led me to three unsuccessful relationships, due to impatience and lack of understanding and information to my partners. Infertility was the major issue. Even though I try, even to date, to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, I had to change how I think and change my attitude and accept the condition. Hence a decision and idea on advocating and lobbying came to the picture, which is why I am sharing my story.

I must admit, the reality still visits me (I never saw and knew my dad and had planned to make the best for my little ones, which is the reason it took me so much time and energy to accept my diagnosis) however, I try to block it out with a beautiful smile, a positive heart and a pure soul, combined with good faith.

I am still a young man with more desires and a lot to offer. I urge all men to get checked out so they can be aware of the potential trials they may face but, they must remember that they can get through it with a good, healthy lifestyle and by  becoming open to their partners, family, as well as public, to help with building awareness and potentially helping others.

Stephen #1in6