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IFAASA, the Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa NPC, established in 2013, is a non-profit organisation with the aim of supporting Southern Africans living with reproductive health issues through education, research, and advocacy, and to educate the public about the reproductive disease.

Southern Africa has never had an infertility awareness association. Statistics show that one in six couples suffer from some form of infertility. Yet the general public, numerous medical practitioners, and many infertile themselves are unacquainted with and ignorant of the journey infertile follow in their quest to achieve their families. 

IFAASA Annual Report

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European Fertility Society Fertility Care Awards.

Winner of Best Fertility Service:
For their tireless fight against the medical aids in South Africa.

A Collection of Sue Bedford’s Recipes for Fertility Health

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Inge’s Story

By Inge Louw Like so many newlyweds we had our first 3 year plan all mapped out. House, dog, kids. Then life happened and 5 years later still haven't had one 2lined pregnancy test. When we got married, with me being a bit older, we decided on not using any...

Bronwyns Infertility Journey

By Bronwyn Le Roux Our journey started 5 years ago. We got engaged and decided that I would go off birth control. So we could have a honeymoon baby. Sadly that never happened. However I always knew deep down that something was wrong. I started seeing a great Dr at...

Meggan’s Story

Meggan - IFAASA Director We waited for 7 years before we decided to have a family, it wasn’t a decision we came to lightly. I had never known anyone that struggled to conceive and who spoke openly about it so it came as quite a shock that it was not happening as fast...

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