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Embryo Transfer in IVF

If the embryos are developing normally, the woman will return to the clinic to have the embryos transferred into her uterus. The embryos will usually be at the two to eight cell stage. Some clinics are now letting embryos grow for 5 days to the blastocyst stage.

The embryos and a small amount of the liquid medium in which they have been growing are drawn up into a soft rubber tube or catheter which is inserted into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus. The embryos are flushed gently out of the catheter. Ultrasound may be used to help the doctor place the embryos in the uterus. The woman may be instructed to stay in bed for several hours with her head lowered and feet raised. Discharge from the clinic occurs anywhere from 4-6 hours after embryo transfer. Progesterone will be given daily to maximize the chances of getting a good uterine lining for implantation to occur.

 – Content courtesy of Resolve