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UIF & Adoption

There is a lot of misinformation with regards to claiming of UIF while on maternity/adoption leave.

The information provided below is taken directly from the Department Of Labour with regards to UIF for adoption leave.

The Facts about Adoption Benefits:

  • The application for benefits must be made within 6 months after the date of the order for adoption has been issued by a competent court.
  • The adopted child must be younger than two years old.
  • Only 1 contributor of the adopting parents can apply for benefits.
  • The child must be adopted in terms of the Child Care Act.
  • The period not working must be spent caring for the child.
  • Benefits are payable from the date on which the court grants an order of adoption.
  • Benefits that are payable is the difference between what the employer pays and the rate that is prescribed in the benefit schedule. When taking into account the amount paid by the employer and the amount prescribed in the benefit schedule, the total amount received should not exceed 100% of the normal remuneration that the person would have received if she or he had remained employed.

You can read the section on the labour department’s website on how to claim adoption benefits here:

How to Claim UIF Adoption Benefits

Documents Required When Claiming Adoption Benefits:

  • 13 digit South African barcoded ID or 13 digit barcoded passport
  • Banking details UI-2.8
  • UI-19 form (where applicable)
  • A completed UI-2.7 form (if applicable)
  • Certified copy of the adopted child’s birth certificate (original certificate)
  • Certified copy of the adoption order
  • Follow up form UI-5
  • A latest payslip

For assistance with registering and claiming your UIF Adoption Benefit I would highly recommend using the services of Mom’s UIF Assist, I used their services after the placement of my daughter and they were well versed in the requirements and additional paperwork required for the UIF Adoption Benefit.

Because UIF Adoption Benefit is only paid out after the final court order, you will most likely only receive your UIF pay-out AFTER your adoption leave has ended.

– Content courtesy of Trinity Heart