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I met Dr Volschenk in January 2017, after: 2 fertility specialists, 3 x IUI’s, 3 x IVFs and 3 miscarriages and 3 years of trying. I was at the point that I had convinced myself I was just not meant to carry my own child. But before completely residing to this fact and looking into alternative options such as surrogacy, we decided to go for one more opinion – I knew deep down that there was something being missed. Despite being told time and again there was nothing wrong, throughout our many treatments over the last year and a half.

Then there was Dr V… first 2 minutes of our first scan, at our first appointment, he picked up and diagnosed me with Uterine Adenomyosis. Something no other doctor/specialist had diagnosed in my 31 years of existence. We were shocked, shattered… but mostly relieved. Dr V then suggested a fertility treatment plan based on my diagnosis.
Here we are just over a year later since this moment, wow – one hell of a journey, but we are elatedly 27 weeks pregnant expecting our baby girl on 6 May 2018.

Dr V, oh Dr V, thank you!! There simply are no words ❤

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