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After trying to conceive for 5 years and 6 failed ivf’s, with a miscarriage at 8 weeks, we were on the last round of IVF that we could afford. The next step would be adoption, we had already made contact with a Social Worker. Then I saw a post on Facebook about a Fertility Astrologist who could help predict when would be the best time to do an IVF cycle. At that stage of desperation we would have tried anything, so we met with Nicky Smut-Allsop over Skype. She gave us the dates to try our final ivf cycle – the following April. We gave birth to our triplets in that same December.

Even more amazing than our success was that, when my sister was also struggling, she too consulted with Nicky and her triplets followed, after their IVF cycle that was done during the dates suggested by Nicky.

It was a long and painful journey to complete our family and, without the help of Nicky, we probably wouldn’t have made it there, we are forever grateful for her help. My son Ethan was a surprise baby, born 26 months to the day after his sisters.

Watch this video for more about my families’ amazing journey from no grandkids to 7!