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Our ‘baby making’ journey stared in 2010. I’ve done my own research, as we planned on having a ‘honeymoon baby. Months of ‘not pregnant’ very soon turned into an emotional roller coaster.

After a year, we consulted the GynecologistS in Nelspruit. Each had their own theory. Numerous timed cycles & failed IUI’S. Our hopes were replaced by heartache & this stared to affect our marriage.

I switched on my laptop at work one morning, there pops up a Vitalab ‘sign/advert ‘. I immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment with Dr V. (I’ve never heard of him before… there was a list of 3 Drs end of 2012) I solely believe that the Lord showed me the path, I was a wrecking mess.

February 2013; we walked out of Vitalab (first consultation) and I said to my Husband, whatever this path may include, Baby or not, I found peace. Everyone & everything was so organized and TEST were done…. actual Test, HSG, bloods, etc. Throughout our journey, I was always completely informed and instructed as to whats going to happen and how to administer all the medications. Special thanks to the Sr’s. Great multidisciplinary team work!!!!!!!!!

First IVF resulted in an Ectopic Pregnancy, the manner in which this was dealt with and the meticulousness of the removal, beyond comprehension. Second IVF nearly a year later…. nothing could have prepared me for a beta of 1437 (April 2014). Seven week scan… most beautiful sounds Ive ever heard…for the very first time. I Was Actually Really pregnant…with Twins.

I am grateful that we were referred to a multiple specialist, as my Vitalab Miracle Boys were born at 33 weeks, healthy and required nothing except a little NICU time (03 Dec 2014)…. Born on Daddy’s 30th Birthday!!!!!!!(No oxygen/ventilation NOTHING).

Forevermore Grateful Proud Vitalab Twin Parents Melissa & Theodore Kotze