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My journey started in 2010, hubby and I finally tied the knot and I was going to have a honeymoon baby….honeymoon came to end and eagerly waiting the pregnancy result was negative.
But I was naive and thinking it will happen soon, but when everyone starts falling pregnant around you and you are still left barren you can’t help but to start to wonder.

Hubby and I went off to the gyne and he assured me that all was fine.
After several trips to my gyne, I was eventually referred to another Dr, by which the bills were starting to climb, but we were hopeful.
We stayed with this Dr for about 2 years, trying one hormone treatment after the next and with several failed IUI’s.
We were starting to feel the strain emotionally and financially. We decided to make an appointment with a homeopathic Dr and again all the drugs started, etc.
Another set of bills to pay? All of these Dr’s expect payment upfront and sadly no medical aid will re-inburse you.
With no success after about a year I eventually landed at Vitalab with Dr Volschenk.
Some more tests, more drugs and by now it was costing us a fortune to fall pregnant and staying sane was becoming a challenge on its own.
Dr Volschenk diagnosed me with PCOS and gave me less then 5% chance of falling pregnant naturally and less than 40% with IVF, being very desperate to have a baby of my own we took the less then 40%.
The first 2 tries were unsuccessful and with the 3rd try….we were given the news, we were going to be parents.
It was truly a journey to hell and back, but when I look at my son it was totally worth it.
But it took us a while to recover from the financial strain and now having to plan for a baby can get quite tricky.
But we took it day by day and I leaned a lot on some amazing friends that were going through the same things as we were which made a great difference.
I hope that every woman / man that is on this path finds the emotional, financial and medical support they require to be blessed with a family.