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This book is a truly remarkable collection of stories written by bereaved parents. When you are faced with the soul destroying loss of your child, be it during pregnancy, or childhood, even into adulthood, it is beyond comforting to read stories from other parents and to feel that you are not so alone.

If you have lost a child, I am truly sorry for your loss and send you lots of love. Buy this book, I promise it will help at least a tiny bit. Most of all, remember that we all grieve differently, be kind to yourself and do whatever it takes to get through the days.

If someone you know, has lost a child, buy this book and hand it over with a big hug and an “I am sorry for your loss, I am here if you need me”

PDF copy for only $3.99. Click here to order.

Book available for only $17.99. Click here to order.