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By Bronwyn Le Roux

Our journey started 5 years ago. We got engaged and decided that I would go off birth control. So we could have a honeymoon baby. Sadly that never happened.

However I always knew deep down that something was wrong. I started seeing a great Dr at Louis Leipoldt. He thought I might have Endo and therefore was refered to a Endo specialist at Louis Leipolt. I underwent my first Lap in 2014 they found I had stage 1 endo. After my recovery we started ovulation induction.

I fell pregnant in 2015 but sadly lost our baby at 7 weeks. It seems to have been a etopic but was not. I had another lap and d&c.

3 months later I had another huge lap, my endo had spread and grown to stage 2 in only 1 year. So I went onto Provea to control the growth. In November 2015 we started ovulation again. But did not fall pregnant. We tried again in December and January but nothing.

Finally we decided to visit Tygerberg Hospital and go for IVF. As we have heard only good about Dr Matsaseng.
In April 2016 I went for my first scan. Only to discover I had 3 cysts. I was placed in medication to reduce the cysts and help control the endo. These cycts only grew in size for 3 until finally the popped. However in the interm the Dr had noticed fluid in my left fallopian tube. I was worned about possible IVF failure due to many factors but decided to go ahead with our first IVF in August 2016. It was unsuccessful. In November I under went another major operation, they planned on removing my tube.

After the operation I was given wonderful news. My tubes were fine, I had fluid filled sacs and “jelly” growing in and around my uterus. It was all removed successfully.

Now we have decided to take a little break and see what happens.

Through all of the ups and down one thing which I know is that my Faith has carried me most of the way.
This is a hard a d scary road. It can sometimes very lonely. But I am very lucky to have found a great support group. And happy to help make people more aware of Infertility in South Africa.