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By Yolanda Cronje

My journey with infertility started in 2010, I was totally oblivious to the fact that I may suffer from infertility (as I think most couples are)

After a few trips to my gynecologist, where he confirmed its quite natural not to fall pregnant immediately after being on the pill for a few years. This may be true, however in my case it was a little different.

 After a few more years of struggling, after loads of tears and much heart ache, I finally landed up at a clinic called Vitalab and I was consulted by the most amazing Doctor I had ever met, Dr Volschenk.

 A few more blood tests and some scans and detailed consultations, it was determined that my only chance of ever conceiving was through IVF. It was an extremely bitter pill to sallow, but I held chin up and after some detailed (and invasive) consultations, my IVF was successful, and today I have a the most amazing, most beautiful and the most adorable child ever!

 Was it worth it? Absolutely.  

 Through out my journey, I had met the most amazing, strongest women I have ever known. These ladies helped me to get through some of the toughest years of my life, they were my crutch and my lifeline.

 The path through infertility is beyond painful, but there is support learn to lean on your fellow sisters. 

 To all the wonderful ladies who are still TTC, my thoughts and heart go out to you.