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By Nordette Wilcox

I’m definitely a 1 in every 6.

I am a dual sufferer of both endometriosis as well as polysistic ovarian syndrome.  My journey started with the irregular menstrual cycles and extreme pain when those cycles eventually came.  Back in those days and I mean the late 1990’s people never really spoke about infertility or what could cause it.  I know this because I had been under two major hospitals three different gynecologists and not one of them could find the issue until I was 25 and had just gotten married and wanting to start a family. By then I had given up I was tired of the blood giving, the scans the constant tablet taking and no answers.

At 25 I was given one doctors name and I made an appointment and from just looking at my scans he could tell me what I had. I have since realised that I’m one in so many as I have had two laps done, ovarian drilling, I’ve been on clomed, gonal f, folic acid. You name it I’ve done it.

Im now 35 and still trying to conceive.  We have come to the decision to just let things happen the way they should. I have although heard that infertility does run in the family and I am one of the unique ones as it runs in both my mom and dads side of the family.  Both my cousin and I are sufferers maybe me more so than her but I don’t really know as she suffers in silence and won’t share with either family or friends.

I hate that people look at you with pity I hate that there is not more information out there and I hate that I had to wait as long as I did to understand my own body and what it needed in the form of help. Infertility is not a disease its not something that can rub off you and infect others it’s a person who has feelings and who longs for the love of a child.

I hope that this opens up more avenues for people who think they are alone and have no one to talk to or that no one understands them.