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By Sheene Venske

My husband and I tried for 3 years to fall pregnant – our infertility struggles seemed straight forward since he had naturally fathered 2 children from previous marriage and then had a vasectomy.

Since I had never used contraception and coming from a large family I assumed I would be just as fertile as my mother. The age difference between myself and my husband too was quiet substantial (at the time of ‘trying’ I was 21 and he 38) our fertility doctor said although his age and compromised sperm would count against us, my age and lack of hormonal tampering would aid the attempted pregnancies.

After our first full round of IVF and a confirmed pregnancy with twins we were over the moon. Unfortunately i miscarried at 8weeks – the consult after the loss was extremely unexpected. Apparently my egg count was extremely low for my age – with the usual extraction for my age being 15 minimum and up to around 30 mine was a mere 8.

We moved on to another 2 fertility doctors – now having to counter act  two parties with fertility issues (antibodies in the sperm and low egg count) with the end prize being a pregnancy.

After 4 rounds we successfully got pregnant and now have a beautiful little girl who is 13 months old.

I try my very best to educate women to not wait to check their fertility before trying to have a baby not to mention such a simple blood test available to determine the egg reserve of a woman – which at the very least can assist them in knowing whether or not to freeze their eggs for when they are ready so they don’t miss their opportunity to have a pregnancy.