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By Leandra Rossi IFAASA Director

After going through numerous IVF’s & miscarriages in order to have our first child, I naively thought that trying for our 2nd child would be much easier – both emotionally & scientifically. After all, we had perfected the exact recipe & ratio of IVF drugs, we knew that my body could get pregnant & stay pregnant so it should be easy 2nd time around.

Were we in for a surprise… Our first attempt, resulted in a positive beta on Christmas Eve & a miscarriage a few days later. I was distraught but found solace by blanketing myself in my 2 year olds warm and squishy hugs, and repeating the mantra ‘ At least I got pregnant’.

However 11 months, 5 IVF’s, 4 miscarriages and 2 evacuations later, my mantra, optimism and confidence had flown out the window. Baby No. 2 was proving harder to achieve than baby No. 1 and added to it was the heartache of having to explain to a 2 year old why he didn’t have a baby brother or sister yet, why mommy had to go to the Dr yet again, have another blood test, or why mommy was crying again.

Luckily we had a FS who didn’t understand the words ‘quit’ & ‘never’, who’s optimism raised mine at times when I thought it would be impossible. Our 6th IVF resulted in 1 perfectly defrosted embryo & 9 months later in a perfect baby boy.

I look down at my caesarean cut & I don’t see a long line of barely healed stitches, I think of the scar that it will leave & the constant reminder I will have, that I am stronger than I believed possible, and of how blessed I am.