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Optimise fertility by addressing body stress:

Are you feeling stressed, having trouble sleeping, feeling anxious, battling with an irregular cycle or struggling to fall pregnant, or suffering from back pain, anxiety, headaches or constipation?  All of these symptoms may signal the progression of stress overload which may be disrupting the body’s optimal functioning.
When the body reacts to stress it immediately responds by releasing adrenaline which puts us into a state of “fight or flight”, ensuring we are alert and ready to deal with whatever threatening situation arises.  The blood sugar level is raised to produce extra energy, our heart rate increases and our muscles tense up, preparing us for rapid action.  However, the ongoing overstimulating effects of adrenaline sets off a series of biochemical reactions which, when the body fails to adapt effectively to stressful circumstances causes ‘stress overload’ and the muscles involuntarily clench in defensive action.

This tension becomes locked into the body’s physical structures and the muscles, tendons and ligaments remain tightly constricted resulting in what we call body stress.  Over time this accumulative progression of body stress exerts pressure on the spinal nerves and may result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness, stiffness, distorted posture and impaired functioning.

Releasing Body Stress

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a technique that addresses the manifestation of stress in the body.  The BSR practitioner will assess the body for lines of tension by carrying out a series of directional pressure tests to locate the sites of body stress.  After the assessment, the practitioner will release the sites of tension by applying a series of precise, firm stimuli to the areas where stress patterns were present.

The BSR technique is gentle but precise and usually a series of consultations is required to deal with the underlying sites of stored tension.  Clients remain fully clothed throughout the process and most describe the appointment as extremely relaxing.    BSR has a profound effect on the overall body function as it encourages improved communication along the nerve pathways.

How lower back stress may effect fertility

Body stress may be present at any area of the spine, thereby effecting all areas of body functioning but when it comes to fertility it makes sense to highlight the effects of body stress specific to the lower spine.

As the nerve connections extend to the internal organs, any irritation to the spinal nerves of the lower back may result in back pain or disruption along the nerve pathways into the abdomen, colon, ovaries, uterus, groin, hips, legs or feet. While body stress remains stored in the lower back, the irritation to the nerves may undermine or disturb the normal functioning of the areas and organs they supply. Thus body stress may lead to digestive problems, e.g. constipation/diarrhoea, bladder complaints and may adversely affect sexual or hormonal function.

Some Interesting cases

A women in her mid-twenties was told by her gynae that she was not ovulating.  Also her knee and foot reflexes were absent which implied some spinal nerve compression. She came to BSR because of long term lower back pain.  After several months of regular releases her back improved and she became pregnant – she received a double bonus – she ended up with twins!

Another couple who had been married for 18 years had long resigned themselves to being childless. The wife had undergone several operations for endometriosis, and was considered sterile.  After about a year of regular BSR she fell pregnant unexpectedly. Needless to say the couple were thrilled.

A gentleman in his forties came to BSR complaining of incontinence and pain in his testicles.  He had been to three urologists who could find nothing wrong with his “waterworks”.  A neurosurgeon suggested that he try BSR as he felt his problem may be linked to his lower back.  The BSR assessment showed body stress in his lower spine, as well as his coccyx and pelvis.  There was also some upper back tension and body stress in the diaphragm. After three consultations the testicular pain had disappeared and in a further four appointments the incontinence was 95% better.  He continues to come for regular maintenance and is focussed on improving core strength to better support his back.

A 37-year-old woman experienced recurring cystitis (bladder infection) after the birth of her second child. The condition improved while she was taking antibiotics, but recurred as soon as she stopped the medication. The BSR practitioner found body stress in the lower back and on the pelvis and pubic joint. The cystitis cleared after her first 2 sessions of BSR. When it recurred several months later, once again after one BSR session, she was symptom free.

Body Stress Release is by no means a quick fix for people suffering from infertility, however as is evident in the above cases, if there is disruption to nerve supply to the sexual organs as a result of body stress in the lower spine then clients may start to experience relief as the stored tension in the spine is released and optimal nerve communication to the various lower organs is restored.  In many such cases clients have experienced relief from conditions relating to the bowel, bladder, uterus, colon and ovaries. After BSR, pregnant women have similarly reported freedom from lower back pain and sciatica, and easier delivery than previous births.

While clients predominantly find Body Stress Release as a of result pain, it should be noted that BSR is concerned with promoting the body’s innate self-healing response, thereby assisting ‘wellness’.  For this reason many people choose to have regular releases just to ensure their body continues to perform to its full potential.

About the Author:

Sarah Davies runs a Body Stress Release (BSR) practice at the Milnerton Mediclinic, Cape Town.  After 13 years in the Media industry and a long history of lower back stiffness and migraine headaches, Sarah stumbled upon Body Stress Release.  After experiencing the results of BSR first hand she realised the potential of this life-enhancing technique and she left her corporate career to study further.   To read her story see:  or contact

BODY STRESS RELEASE (BSR) is a non-therapeutic complementary health profession. This technique was pioneered in South Africa in 1981 and has now grown internationally to include practitioners in 21 countries worldwide.  To find a practitioner near you

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