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Will Your Fertility Stand The Test Of Time?

February is Reproductive Health month and IFAASA is putting the disease of infertility in focus, with our theme for this year being “Will Your Fertility Stand the Test of Time?” For years, infertility has been somewhat of a taboo subject, something that people hid from the world and didn’t talk about. As part of Reproductive Health Month 2015, IFAASA not only encourages couples to seek help to ensure a proper diagnosis and informed decision, but also for the general population to educate themselves about infertility and to remember that pregnancy is a privilege that not every couple is afforded.

The educational initiative is being backed by a number of SASREG accredited clinics who have pledged that consultations booked in the month of February will be eligible for a 20% discount on the first consultation and scan. “Everyone needs to be supportive of these families and couples struggling with infertility, because they are going through a huge emotional and financial challenge” says Meggan Zunckel, CEO of IFAASA. “We are delighted to have the backing and support of South Africa’s leading fertility clinics in driving awareness of infertility”.

Learn what steps you need to take to diagnose infertility, understand your reproductive health, and how to bring infertility awareness to your community and network.

First consultation

During Reproductive Health Month February 2015 the following clinics are offering a 20% discount on their initial consultation and scan fee. Please note that only SASREG accredited clinics are eligible to make this offer. Any clinics not listed below have not agreed to support this campaign. You will need to solicit those particular clinics yourself.

Cape Town



Port Elizabeth

To receive your 20% discount on your initial consultation and scan you need to register using the form below. You will need to choose your particular clinic and will then receive a unique code with which you can book your initial consultation.

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