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Please can you assist.

I am trying to fall pregnant. However we have hit a bump after my husband’s test results.
Please can you advise :
-is there any medication that will definitely get his sperm count up?


If your husband has not seen a urologist, then I would recommend that he does. He should be examined, to exclude varicocelle or testicular abnormality. I would also recommend hormonal analysis, to establish whether there are any other related issues & a chromosomal analysis to exclude a genetic cause for the low sperm count.

There is no medication that will “definitely” get his sperm up. However, there are various combinations of anti-oxidants, multivitamins & trace elements that are good for sperm development and can improve the sperm parameters. These will take a minimum of 6 weeks to have an effect. He could try any of the following: Proxeed/Sperm-i-prove/Staminogro.

He should then have a 2nd semen analysis after 6-12 weeks, to see whether there has been any improvement. The treatment that you will be offered will depend on this result, but with a sperm count <5mil/ml, I would recommend ICSI.