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Last year I had a TOP just before I got married. Four months later I paid a visit to a fertility clinic and the doctor I had the consultation with was very supportive and gave me great advice. The problem I had was that I had some pelvic pains and he suggested I should have a laparoscopy. I went to 2Military hospital for funding or to do the surgery and they blew me off and I never had medical aid to turn to. Just after my consultation with the fertility specialist I conceived right away two days after my visit with him. At my 2nd prenatal visit (13 February 2014) I was told I had a missed miscarriage. I was devastated as I really want a little one. Until today still no such luck and I even had a d&c (evacuation of uterus) at 2Military hospital. My question would be, did they somehow do something wrong with the d&c and that’s why I didn’t conceive again? Can I have the laparoscopy now or should I do consultation again because I have pelvic pains again, gained weight, back pain and heavy headaches. I joined Discovery recently and think I have the funding now. Will I ever conceive naturally again?


I am sorry to learn of your loss. I know that this is little consolation, but the fact that you were able to conceive in the first place is very encouraging.  Unfortunately having a miscarriage is very common, but doesn’t necessarily influence your future chances of conceiving. There is nothing wrong with having a D&C, which is required if you have had a missed miscarriage.

When you consulted with your Doctor, he was concerned that your history suggested that you may have endometriosis. Unfortunately, while we can have a presumptive diagnosis of endometriosis, this can only be confirmed with laparoscopy.

I would suggest that you do need to be assessed and then a management plan (which may include laparoscopy) can be made.