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These are recordings from our second infertility seminar held in Johannesburg, May 2014.

Introduction (Saskia Williams)

Lifestyle and Diet and the effect it has on Infertility by Tabitha Hume

Surrogacy by Robynne Friedman

Psychological Effects of Infertility by Mandy Rodrigues

Infertility and Claiming from Tax by Greg Smith

Immunology & Your Thyroid and it’s Effect on Fertility by Prof. Patrick Bouic

Male Factor Infertility by Dr Merwyn Jacobson

The role of egg donor agencies in fertility treatment by Dawn Blank

Your Rights with Medical Aids and how You can help IFAASA Lobby for Better Cover by Tarryn Jacobs

Adoption by Zoe Cohen and Joan Nathanson

Treatment Options for Infertility by Dr Antonio Rodrigues