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IFAASA is excited to introduce The Malka Ella Fertility Fund as a strategic partner.

The Malka Ella Fertility Fund was established 14 years ago to financially assist Jewish couples who are undergoing fertility treatment. Exorbitant medical costs, which are not funded by medical aids, add a financial burden to couples who are already experiencing extremely stressful situations.

It is due to the overwhelming generosity of the South African Jewish community that countless treatments have been sponsored and over 120 babies have been born. The couples who receive assistance need to be married according to Jewish law and the treatment regime is conducted in accordance with Jewish ethics.

The fund is community based but its model can easily and significantly be applied to the wider South African context. Churches, communities and organizations all have members who are experiencing the fertility challenge and would undoubtedly benefit from structured support, and not only financially.

The Malka Ella Fertility Fund is also committed to the emotional wellbeing of the couples who are enduring the fertility challenge. We know that sharing the trials and tribulations of the infertile ordeal has a twofold purpose: it offers a sense of inspiration to know there are others who have fought the fight and have won and it also sensitises others to the plight that their friend, sister, brother or daughter might be experiencing.

When community organizations create a structure where information can be explained, where issues can be discussed, where support can be given and the financial burden shared, then we are living in a community and country that truly cares for everyone.

We are delighted to be associated with IFAASA, to collectively voice the concerns of those enduring the journey of infertility and would be happy to advise on the process of setting up a fertility fund for other communities.