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Is your body baby friendly

From the Publisher

A unique book—the first of its kind. No longer do patients have to accept that their infertility is “just bad luck” and they just have to “keep on trying.” No longer should women with recurrent miscarriages have to listen to their doctor telling them that their loss was “God’s will” or that they ought to be thankful because their baby was probably chromosomally abnormal. The statistics simply do not support such claims—in fact, they show that repeated reproductive failure can be a symptom of wider health problems in the mother. Furthermore, the root cause can be treated—not only to promote the chances of a successful pregnancy, but to improve the mother’s health long-term.

From the Author

In response to growing demand, the thoughts and theories of the internationally acclaimed fertility specialist Dr. Alan Beer have been documented. “Is Your Body Baby-Friendly?” explains for the first time ever why “unexplained” infertility, IVF failures and recurrent miscarriages happen.

This book shows how the immune system can behave in a way that prevents a pregnancy from continuing. High levels of Natural Killer cells, genetic compatibility between partners and blood clotting problems are all significant causes of reproductive failure.

Autoimmunity—either inherited or environmentally triggered—is a major reason for the increase in infertility and miscarriage today. In addition to medical treatments, there are also natural ways that the immune system can be moderated to create a more “baby-friendly” environment.

For the first time, readers will be able to see that their reproductive problems have a root cause and that in many cases, they can be addressed with immune therapy and possibly by making certain changes to their lifestyle.