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20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

This ground-breaking first book gives voice to the very real concerns of adopted children and offers unique perspectives and unprecedented insight. Now in its eleventh printing, with more than 150,000 copies sold, this book is a classic in adoption literature. It is required reading by many adoption agencies for prospective parents. Adoptive parents also have found a new use for it with defensive teens and adult adoptees. The parent reads the book, makes personal comments in the margins (“I did well here….or, I blew it here”) and then sends it to the adult child to read. There are many success stories of opened communication between parents and adoptees.

Sherrie Eldridge will help you:

  • Meet the emotional needs that your adopted child has trouble expressing.
  • Remove misplaced guilt and love your child without reservation.
  • Help your adopted child process loss and grief effectively.
  • React wisely when your adopted child exhibits misdirected emotions.
  • Increase a sense of closeness between you and your adopted child.
  • Initiate conversations with your adopted child that foster the healing process.
  • Build your adopted child’s individual confidence by celebrating your differences.
  • Provide love in ways that your adopted child can receive.
  • Value the role of birth parents without feeling insecure.
  • Create an environment where your adopted child feels safe.
  • Open conversation with a defensive teen or adult adoptee.