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There isn’t one, central organization which one can approach to find a surrogate mother in South Africa. There are however a few options that you can explore:

  • The best option is to find a surrogate mother yourself. It could be a sister, a cousin, a friend or a colleague. You may approach your pastor in the church or place an advert on Facebook or in other media. Finding a relative or a friend would be the best option since you already know the person and trust her, she probably lives in the same city as you, which makes initial screening and scans later on much easier.
  • A second option is that you approach your fertility clinic or a reputable donor agency, which runs surrogacy programmes. However, there are no guarantees that they will be able to match you with a suitable surrogate mother and they may still advise you to try to find one yourself.
  • It is also possible that attorneys specialising in surrogacy are able to assist the commissioning parent/s with a potential surrogate mother.

Please note that it is no longer legal for an agency, attorney or other party to gain financially from sourcing surrogates.