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Infertility exacts an enormous toll on both the affected individuals and on society. Women and men in their most active and productive years are distracted by the physical, financial and emotional hardships of this disease. Infertility is more than a disease; it is a devastating life crisis which can greatly impact the health, relationships, job performance and social interactions. Added to the emotional and physical toll exacted by infertility is the financial burden carried by many seeking treatment.

While medical staff expertise and clinic success rates, reputation and location will most likely be the criteria you use to choose an infertility clinic, cost may also be a factor. Since assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are not covered by medical aid schemes, the patient has to pay “out-of-pocket,” often leading to increased stress as well as long-term financial burdens.

When faced with the financial challenges of infertility, couples tend to follow the same patterns and behaviour as when facing other issues in their relationship. As with family building in general, couples are not always “on the same page.”