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Sperm Antibodies
If the sperm agglutinate (do not move well) the physician may order tests that can localize and quantify specific antibodies in the blood and on the sperm’s surface. Antibody attachment can affect the following:

  • If they stick to the head of the sperm, the sperm may not be able to penetrate
  • If they cover the tail of the sperm, the sperm may not be able to swim fast enough or in the right direction

Sperm Penetration
This sperm penetration assay (SPA) is commonly referred to as the hamster egg test. It is designed to evaluate the sperm’s ability to break through the outer membrane of an egg and fuse with the egg cytoplasm.

Hemizona Assay Test
Evaluates the sperm’s ability to fuse with a previously frozen but no longer viable human egg. (This test is rarely performed now due to the increased technology of ART procedures)

Cervical Mucus Penetration Test (Pentrak)
A lab test to simulate the sperm’s ability to move through the woman’s cervical mucus.

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