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My name is Pasco and this is my parents,  Denis and Veronica’s journey to our family:

When Denis and I met in 1980, we discussed and agreed that we wanted children very early in our marriage. Brandon, our son was conceived in our third year of marriage and, we wanted to afford him all the attention he needed, before thinking of our second child.  Time passed quickly and Denis and I tried for our 2nd.  This was not meant to be and after many failed IVF’s and a miscarriage, I was devastated and at the point of admitting defeat that Brandon would be an only child.

Nine years after Brandon, we tried one last IVF and to our delight was told that we were expecting our little girl, Pasco. I had my pigeon pair, one boy and one girl. I am very grateful that the IVF treatment gave me Pasco who is a beautiful, caring individual and a strong link in our family chain.