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Tears of sadness and heartache are now tears of joy with a smiling heart <3

I kept on believing and kept the hope, one day, and this day is here, Yes, I am pregnant!!! My God

I still cannot believe it, seems like a dream, and to say that last 9 years have been a crazy rollercoaster,

But all I can say this journey was all worth it, for my little miracle! Which I am forever thankful for <3 and

cannot wait to embrace you and hold you little one in my arms <3

In my last update I mentioned a fertility specialist had told me that the only way would be IVF, My issue was finance, so I could not pursue this avenue… I was never ready to give up… deep down I firmly believed that I could beat infertility and Endometriosis. And I did!

I choose to go on Cannabis Treatment with the help & persuasion of my hubby doing extensive research, we were determined, diligent and dedicated to this treatment. Yep at first, the oils and capsules gave me some weird side effects, but I was patient because I knew this is for my baby that I have been praying for! So fast forward… 3 months down the line, I started feeling so much better, my energy levels had picked up, my cycles started to regulate, my Endo pains started subsiding, hey for me this was all good signs, I then made an appointment at a very well-known excellent fertility specialist, best doctor that I have ever came across.

I knew, I now I had a doctor that was passionate about helping us have a baby. I could see in his eyes that he felt our frustration, disappointment, and sadness, and that he was going to do all he could to take that away for us.

I was scared and overwhelmed, but I trusted this amazing doctor & I prayed my heart out.  I went with all of his recommendations and followed the protocol of his treatment, I made it my mission to only think positive thoughts.

After two months of seen this incredible doctor, we received the best news of our lives, Yes I eventually took the pregnancy test and results where 2-3 weeks pregnant, I could not believe my eyes, We are  pregnant!!!! Oh my word, I wish I could type the elation that I felt in that moment, my hubby and I hugged each other, I cried my wits out happy tears, still in shock, hugged my fur-babies, Yes, finally our life is going to be complete we are going to be a family <3 but still hard to believe…

In a precise moment the pain, the journey, the growth, the sifting, the agony, the bitterness, the hopelessness…became pure joy.

A journey so incredible, so painful, so scary, and so beautiful that I would do it all again to have the same result. I never want to forget what God had to do to mold and shape my heart to get me through the lowest valley of my life.  Because it helped me climb my highest mountain.

The journey during these last 9 years have shaped me to be the person I am now. During this time I wrestled so much with my intense desire to be a mom, Was long but incredibly miraculous, so it is worth it!

To all you beautiful couples out there, please don’t give up. It took us many years and those years were some of the darkest times for us. I was determined to have a child and it is worth every single thing we went through and I would do it all again. Please remember you are not alone during this process.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you, our parents, our family & friends, the nurses, the doctors, the amazing people that we met along the way, we truly appreciate all of your prayers, support, kind words and for just been there with us <3 Blessings and Hugs to all of you, Stay positive! Amazing things can happen!

Firm Believer of Miracles: Anushka Pillay