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Where to start? Well, the thing with me is that I’ve always known that I wanted to adopt, and living in South Africa, I always assumed that my adoptions would be transracial.

Being one of five daughters, and the only unmarried one, in my 20s, I used to tell my dad that his brown grandchildren would continue his name.  And that is how it has transpired. Although, my dad died before he met his grandson who bears his name.

As a couple, my husband and I have always been open to adoption. My best friend growing up is adopted and so it has never been an issue for me. Her Mom and Dad are fantastic and both her and her brother had a wonderful upbringing. So, to me, it meant only good things. The plan, however, was to have a biological child and then to adopt our 2nd. That was not to be and after trying to conceive for 5 years, with a couple of failed IVF’s under our belts, we decided to pursue adoption.

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