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Uterine and endometrial factors affecting implantation


Implantation is a process whereby the embryo attaches itself to the luminal surface of the endometrium (inner lining of the uterine cavity). This is followed by migration and invasion of the embryo into the deeper stromal layers (Figure 1). Traditionally, implantation has been considered as a process involving only the embryo and the endometrium, but recent studies show that even cumulus cell competency (cells around the egg) may also contribute to the process. While implantation is a process with a well-defined starting point, it is a gradual process which lasts for several weeks with no universal agreement on when the process is completed.

Medfem Fertility Clinic is one of South Africa’s leading IVF clinics located in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. Established over twenty years ago, Medfem Fertility Clinic uses a spectrum of the most up to date and advanced reproductive technologies to assist infertile couples to achieve a successful pregnancy. A very experienced team lead by four reproductive medicine specialists manage the journey beginning with a comprehensive, holistic medical assessment. A selection of the services available on top of the IVF/ICSI programme include, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, a fully developed freezing programme including blastocyst freezing, fertility preservation through egg freezing, sperm freezing, donor egg programme, a donor sperm bank on site, laboratory diagnostics on site, reproductive surgery at Medfem Clinic, lifestyle management and support services on site.

Women who require egg donation as a form of fertility treatment or supporting their IVF are often those who have reached an advanced maternal age. Generally, woman may begin to consider egg donation in their late 30’s. Egg donation is also recommended if people have had several failed treatments with their own eggs or have chromosomal or genetic challenges that they wish to end with the solution of egg donation. Another reason is the onset of premature ovarian failure or early menopause.

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