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Interview with Sue Slotnick, RESOLVE Board of Directors:

  • Now that you have been child-free for several years, how do you think the decision has been for you?
    When you look at the list of pros and cons for living childfree, the list of advantages is always much longer. You can travel, be spontaneous, change careers, and fall in love with each other all over again. You have none of the stresses that parenting creates. We have done some truly amazing things. We have travelled to Alaska and Africa. My husband and I have both changed careers and we are able to commit ourselves to things we are passionate about without having to worry about financial constraints. So for us, our decision has been a very positive one.

Myth: Remaining childfree means remaining just as miserable as we are right now.

Fact: Only part of your current pain is from actual lack of a child. Some of it is part of a grief process you’re in the midst of. Another part is the maddening uncertainty of whether or not you will ever get to be a parent.

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