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By Imogen Rossam

The IVF journey for many of us is not often a short one. Many couples go through multiple rounds of IVF, spanning years, before they get to hold their precious bundle of joy. When going through round after round of infertility treatments, taking some time off in between cycles can literally be a life-saver. Here are a few signs that it might be time to take a break from the IVF rollercoaster:

By: Imogen Rossam

For women experiencing infertility, each new month brings with it an entire grief process.

Many infertile women say that their infertility journey is exhausting.  The uninformed might think the exhaustion comes from hours of ‘do-ing it’ in the hopes of falling pregnant but for those of us on the journey too, we understand that the exhaustion comes from the emotional rollercoaster that each new month presents.


When I first found out that, the reason that my wife and I weren’t conceiving, was due to me and my lack of quality sperm, it was definitely a blow. Not to my fragile male ego, or anything ridiculous like that, but more to my self-esteem. I had never smoked, or taken drugs and I didn’t drink nearly as much as youngsters do these days, so what on earth could the reason behind this possibly be? I also felt incredibly sad that I wouldn’t be able to give my wife what she dreamed of having, the natural way, that the only way we could achieve this dream would be with a barrage of tests and invasive infertility procedures. We were given less than 1% chance of conceiving naturally and so I wanted to smack the people who, for the past 6 years, have insisted on telling us to “relax and it will happen”.

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