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Thicker than waterThicker than water is a collection of stories from 12 different South Africans who have lived through the experience of adoption, either as adoptees or as part of a family who have chosen to adopt. With honesty, insight and humour they open up about the joys and sorrow, the prejudice and the pride that they live with as they build their own unique lives and families. Proving that there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ family, these stories are also a testament to the overwhelming love that develops between members of a family, whether they share a bond of blood or not.

18042797_0_Img2The traditional childbearing ages for women have been 20-29. Today, however, the trend to later childrearing is significant, with the numbers of mothers over the age of 35 having grown 75 percent in the last decade, while the numbers in the traditional ages continue to decline. From celebrities to the woman next door, later childrearing is no flash-in-the-pan fad “and isn’t going to subside; future trends only show women will continue to delay motherhood,” according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

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