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The Adoption Process

The adoption process is standardised and will follow more or less the same process for all candidates applying to adopt locally. The process can take as quick as a couple of months, or you can do it in stages, it depends totally on you.

Creating your Adoption Profile is one of the most important parts of your adoption journey, if not the most important part. Birth parents are given a stack of profiles to review when making their selection so it is important that your profile be authentically you, as you never know what will stand out to them.

Where to start? Well, the thing with me is that I’ve always known that I wanted to adopt, and living in South Africa, I always assumed that my adoptions would be transracial.

Being one of five daughters, and the only unmarried one, in my 20s, I used to tell my dad that his brown grandchildren would continue his name.  And that is how it has transpired. Although, my dad died before he met his grandson who bears his name.

As a couple, my husband and I have always been open to adoption. My best friend growing up is adopted and so it has never been an issue for me. Her Mom and Dad are fantastic and both her and her brother had a wonderful upbringing. So, to me, it meant only good things. The plan, however, was to have a biological child and then to adopt our 2nd. That was not to be and after trying to conceive for 5 years, with a couple of failed IVF’s under our belts, we decided to pursue adoption.

UIF & Adoption

There is a lot of misinformation with regards to claiming of UIF while on maternity/adoption leave.

The information provided below is taken directly from the Department Of Labour with regards to UIF for adoption leave.

Adoption Scams

Always go through a registered Adoption Social Worker. Even if a Birthmother approaches you, the process needs to be done through a professional.

A list of registered Adoption Social Workers can be found here.


Birthmother Scams

1. Usually the motivation for birthmother scams is to take your money.  She needs money for rent, food, etc.  Only give money to a birthmother-to-be through an attorney or qualified adoption professional. The amount limits and circumstances vary by state law.  Do not give money directly to a birthmother.

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